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E=MC² specialises in hospitality furnishing. We are a sounding board for designing and realising high-quality furnishings. Help for the atmosphere and appearance upon entry, the furnishings in front of and behind the bar; all tailored to your guests or audience, outside or inside a smoking area. More creativity, flexibility for additional work, above all service and customer-oriented action. We take your worries out of your hands. We understand the needs your customers have in choosing your company. Differentiated by furnishing, comfort and atmosphere, you can cherish your guests and make them feel at home in your premises. Durable and ergonomic at a competitive price.



E=MC² also specialises in hotel interior design. We are a sounding board for the design and realisation of high-quality furnishings. From counters, reception areas, hall or meeting rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms. With great creativity, flexibility, service and customer-oriented action, we take your concerns off your hands. We realise with what desires and expectations all your guests come to your hotel. For us, the comfort, atmosphere and emotional feelings that your guests experience when they step through your hotel mean that your hotel must be furnished sustainably and ergonomically at a competitive price.

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