Wall visuals

Flexible wall visuals

E=MC² frequently uses flexible wall visuals for various projects. The flexible wall visual is a unique system for visual communication. Visuals have never looked so sleek and changing canvases has never been easier. With this aluminium super construction, every wall visual has a modern, professional look that is guaranteed to impress.



The flexible wall visual is a great system to create a certain atmosphere in any room but it can also serve as a perfect solution to improve the acoustics in a room.



Since we see so much more potential in this product than the digitally printed painting mentioned by other parties, we decided to make this product powered by E=MC² total project design in the market under the name muurvisual.shop. With a young team motivated to the bone, we work daily to make various different spaces in different industries acoustically and visually pleasing.



  • freestanding, suspended or wall-mounted
  • available in any format
  • available with LED lighting and WIFI speakers
  • lightweight
  • assembled at lightning speed
  • visual can be quickly replaced

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