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E=MC² Total Project Design

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E=MC² provides total solutions for fitting out business premises, offices, shops, government institutions, schools, catering establishments and care centres.

Our four core activities are partition walls, flooring, suspended ceilings and furnitureBut thanks to our broad specialisation in the field of furnishing, we can handle any total furnishing assignment. E=MC² also takes care of electrical and data work, painting, wallpapering, spraying and plastering, lighting, sun blinds, project kitchens, lettering, planting and moving. Basically everything. We also (re)install all brands of partition walls, including Interwand, Interfinish and Maars. Of course, you can also come to E=MC² for a separate partitioning.

But one
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For renovations, redecoration and removals, we take over the complete execution and coordination from you. Normally, you would hire different companies for the various activities. E=MC² does everything and is therefore your single point of contact. Convenient and then you only need to consult one person instead of ten.

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The biggest advantage for you, when you choose E=MC2, is saving time, as we can quickly switch between activities. There is no need for time-consuming consultations with all the different suppliers to get your planning in order. We are often ready before the deadline. Moreover, a total approach is considerably cheaper in terms of costs throughout the entire logistics process.

From Different to Better

With E=MC² total project design

Large projects involve many different design disciplines. A total concept is then a very attractive solution. The advantage of engaging one party for several services is tighter planning. You only have one contact person, one offer and one working method, so you keep the overview. You also save a lot of time and money because we relieve you of all your worries.

Partitions are ideal for creating separate spaces within larger rooms. They offer peace and privacy in busy offices, and because they are so flexible, you can expand or adapt effortlessly. You will create a pleasant working environment for your people. Moreover, we can meet all your requirements in terms of soundproofing and fire retardation.

The perfect ceiling is unobtrusive and functional. It sets the mood of a room but does so without attracting attention. It also blends seamlessly with the walls and offers every possibility for the placement of lighting and other installations.

Professional flooring is functional, durable and easy to keep clean. But in addition to these practical requirements, the floor covering also determines the atmosphere and appearance of a room. E=MC² offers you all kinds of hard and soft floor covering in every possible colour scheme. You can choose from various soft types of floor covering such as bouclé, frisé and velour and hard types of floor covering such as PVC, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, parquet, cork, sports floors and cast floors.

E=MC² frequently uses flexible wall visuals for various projects. The wall visual is a unique system for visual communication. Visuals have never looked so sleek and changing banners has never been easier. This aluminium superstructure gives every visual a modern, professional look guaranteed to impress.

E=MC² is a specialist in building customised interiors and furniture for companies, shops, restaurants and government institutions. With this specialism, we also offer entire turnkey furnishing concepts.

A representative counter or a custom-made cupboard wall, anything is possible. Moreover, we incorporate the installation directly into our project planning so that you are not confronted with this disruptive work afterwards.

One call... does it all!